What Can I Expect?

The goals of the spiritual retreat are fourfold:

Transition – Most of us are in some form of life transition, or we could use some help gaining clarity on how to add deeper meaning or balance to our lives.  Our goal for this retreat is to help facilitate a greater understanding of transition processes.  This may mean gaining greater clarity about the type of life transition you are in, or it may mean that you gain greater clarity about what questions you need to ask yourself to help you move through a transition, or how to let go of things that encumber or interfere with moving toward the next phase of your life with more purpose and excitement.  Sometimes we need to let something go before we can move forward, so we will be focusing on how each of us will articulate the question—“from what to what.”  Each of you has your own questions that have to do with personal transition or transformation, and these will help guide your direction in the retreat.

Integration – The retreat helps to integrate the spiritual parts of ourselves with the parts that anchor us to the realities of life.  This retreat will help work toward blending the spiritual (inspiration and creative potential) with the practical (daily obligations) and will strive to help you develop a daily rhythm that attends to both in a balanced and nurturing way.

Purpose – The individualized component of this retreat is to help you identify the next steps in your life’s purpose, whether that means gaining personal, individual clarity around your passion or creativity, or helping you to connect your passion back into the world or your community.  No two people here will have the same purpose, although there may be common themes, concerns, and desires about how to connect one’s personal purpose back into the larger community once we leave.

Structure – The design of the retreat structure itself will be part experiential, part reflective, part journaling, part time alone and in small groups.  The overarching intent behind all activities and aspects of the retreat is to invite an experience of being in a sacred space together.  In addition some didactic information will be shared on universal elements of entering into communion with the sacred or divine. 


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I began to have an idea of my life, not as the show shaping of achievement to fit my

pre-conceived purposes, but as the gradual discovery and growth of a purpose that I did not know.

-- Johanna Field

Before I began the group, I thought spirituality was something you got from an expert, a source outside of myself. What I have learned is that with very little effort I can tap into the spirituality that lives inside of me.

My definition of spirit is broader now, more personal, easier to access. It feels like it has been “in me” all along, but I only needed to be pointed to it...

-- Participant in Year-Long

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