Why a Retreat?

Many of us are at a point of transition in life, where old responsibilities are winding down and a new passion or purpose has yet to emerge. Many of us are tired of simplistic, black and white answers to our deepest, most complex spiritual questions. Others have been hurt, even scarred at the hands of religious leaders. Some of us are involved in a religious community, but are looking for a structured retreat or activity than can help deepen our spiritual journey. Many others have attempted a spiritual practice or discipline, only to find themselves drifting away from it due to a busy schedule.

At a spiritual retreat, we create a sacred space together.

We gather at the turning points of our lives. We allow ourselves to exist in shades of gray. We foster an environment of safety and respect for diversity. We embrace personal conscience in spirituality and advocate no prescribed path to the Divine. We give ourselves the gift of time away from our hectic lives in order that we may return to the essence of life.

At each retreat we create a process that leads to personal discovery, helping us to gain insight, and allowing us to experience a greater integration of ourselves spiritually and psychologically, as well as how these are anchored in community and family — the daily rhythms of our lives.

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Is the life I’m living

the life that wants to live in me?

-- Parker Palmer

Let yourself be pulled by the stronger pull of what you

really love.

-- Rumi

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