Who Should Attend?

  1. People searching for deeper meaning or purpose in their lives

  2. People in need of time for contemplation, reflection, and rejuvenation

  3. People considering or embarking on a career or life transition, such as entering mid-life or retirement

  4. People of any religious affiliation — or none at all

  5. People wishing to design personalized rituals as well as creating a space in their homes set apart for  spiritual practices

  6. People wishing to integrate their spirituality with their daily living

  7. Religions communities seeking to deepen their spiritual growth together

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I now think of spirituality as a journey; a path that may not be in my control but to which I must remain open. 

I understand that the depth of spirituality is only as deep as you devote to your practice and your willingness to go inward. 

I feel a closer connection to others spiritually. I want to live a spirit-soul life in all I say and do. I want to live less of an ego life.

-- Participant in Year-Long Intensive

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